ACU JanSan Automatic Liquid Hand Sanitizer and Soap Dispenser


  • Capacity: 1,000ml, refillable cartridge.
  • Can be set to dispense .9ml or 1.6ml of hand sanitizer at a time.
  • Powered by x4 AA batteries or 6.0V DC wall plug.
  • Ideal for all public places, such as restaurants, offices, schools, and stores.

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ACU JanSan hand sanitizer and soap dispensers are now arriving with the upgraded ACU Sensor for consistent delivery and accuracy. No more standing and waiting for the sensor to work and the unit to dispense sanitizer or soap like other dispensers. ACU JanSan dispensers were created from the ground up for hand sanitizer dispensing, with newly developed ACU Sensor technologies. Manufactured to supply a premeasured amount of hand sanitizer quickly, easily, and accurately, ACU JanSan dispensers help promote use and help prevent waste. They come in wall, floor, and counter models for convenient access. They are commonly used in restrooms, hallways, doorways, and other high-traffic areas where exposure to bacteria and germs is likely. ACU JanSan dispensers are battery operated, with an option to plug-in a 6.0V DC adapter as well. ACU Sensors detect the presence of hands for touch-free operation. These dispensers mount to a wall, or can be placed on a countertop, or come with a floor stand to best fit the needs of your situation in offices, restrooms, or open areas.